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Paul Benson

Paul Benson was born and raised in upstate New York. Paul was born with one arm which has taught him how to work hard and overcome difficult life situations. During his high school years Paul learned that he had skills and talents for creating art. He won many awards for the works that he created. At his high school he was even asked to paint a mural on the wall across from the art class rooms. Paul later went to Brigham Young University located at Provo Utah. While studying there Paul took many art classes and further refined his skills. Paul did not receive a degree in art but rather a Bleachers Degree in Psychology and then went on to Study Law at The Thurgood Marshall School of Law located in Houston, Texas.  Paul has opened a successful law practice with locations in Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah his law practice primarily focuses on bankruptcy and he is one of the top Bankruptcy filers in Utah.

Paul has found himself with more free time and has taken up painting again. Paul has also been diagnosed with liver failure which is odd because he has never tasted alcohol or used drugs. He finds painting a good stress relief as he is dealing with his condition.


Paul Benson was given the opportunity for a liver transplant and he is currently recovering from the operation this is a great blessing to Paul and his Family.